Food Defense and Workforce Health

Food Defense and Workforce Health

Across all industries, absenteeism is one of the biggest drains on businesses’ bottom line. That’s especially true in manufacturing, where the cost of lost productivity due to absent employees reaches an estimated $2.8 billion annually – most of it attributed to sick or injured team members.

Now more than ever, a breakroom sanitation program is critical for the health and safety of your workforce, and your business. Which is why Burch takes our Food Defense initiative so seriously.

As part of that initiative, our team members follow a rigid 18-point sanitation checklist every week. This program ensures each area of Burch’s equipment is cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis, including Market kiosks, coffee equipment, shelving, baskets and coolers.

Team members also inspect products and review expiration dates on a weekly basis in Burch breakrooms to meet additional food safety standards.

When it comes to food production, Burch’s Culinary Center is regulated for food safety by both the FDA and USDA, and our production team members train to earn a Food Safety Servsafe Certification.

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